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Why Us?












  • We are a small, private office with one doctor treating every patient, every visit.

  • Dr. Ritoli is a Board Certified Orthodontist- only 30% are!

  • Dr. Ritoli is specialized in Surgical Orthodontics and 28 years experience in Craniofacial Difference

  • We have a highly specialized and trained team- incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable.

  • We have 24 hour on call care with our personal doctor & team only, no outside services. 

  • Personalized Treatment Planning with the Doctor - not a treatment coordinator.

  • We use the highest quality products / laboratories / supplies / techniques on the market!

  • There are no phone trees - you get a live human every time you call during business hours!We have 

  • We have Personalized consultations with the doctor - not a treatment coordinator.

  • Look at our reviews - they tell our story!

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