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You and  Aligners

What are Aligners?

Aligners are thin clear flexible plastic "mouthguards" which fit closely over the teeth. A series of these appliances is used to obtain incremental changes to correct the teeth according to a treatment plan developed by the orthodontist. Aligners are commonly known by their trade names such as "Invisalign" or "Clearstep".

Why Aligners?

Aligners are unobtrusive and are ideally suited to adult patients whose life-style or work commitments make it difficult for them to wear Metal or Ceramic braces.


An accurate impression of the mouth is used to create the tailor-made aligners. Each appliance moves the teeth a small distance towards the intended position and is then replaced with its successor until the final result is achieved. Aligners need to be worn full-time, day and night except for meal times. Aligner treatment tends to take longer than conventional braces to achieve the same effect - but are completely invisible and require less appointments in the office and less time out of work.

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